Early Synergy 1 / aka TU3B Synergy exposed - an early one from 2005

Synergy development in brief - from dating back to 2005


The Synergy modules are 100% British products, designed and developed in house without reference to existing products on the market.


We started with a clean slate in 2004 and aimed to produce a better product by designing out the deficiencies we saw in other tuning boxes. So this means:

    High quality alloy housing

    No tools or laptop needed to adjust it and we fit and on/off switch so you can switch it off without having to remove it,

    Hard wired cable  - unlike other companies, we do NOT use computer connectors which are not suitable for underbonnet use.

    The wide range & ease of adjustment means you don't need to specify power or economy version when ordering - just turn the knob.

    Very low power consumption means no battery connections are needed.

    Soone we were able to offer a dash mounted 3 position switch - a unique feature several years ahead of other tuning companies.


Having been on sale for over 10years, the Synergy has proved to be a very reliable and dependable design and we regularly receive them back for re-cabling and reprogramming when owners change vehicle.


The module monitors & adjusts the fuel pressure upto 15,000 times per second and so can react to driver request for more fuel very rapidly. This also means it works on stop/start engines - many others did not due to them being too slow.


The 256point fuelling maps embedded in the sophisticated firmware operate in a non-linear manner to assure the engine is not overfuelled at any point in the rev range. This technique also enables us to offer a Synergy 2e which does not produce any significant increase in manufacturers bhp above 3000rpm, but does give the benefits below this. Other tuners can't get their heads round how we can do this!  Its produced for customers whose insurers are not keen on bhp increases but don't mind improved throttle response, less turbo lag, better mpg and fewer gearchanges.


The Synergy also facilitates the engine ecu's adjustment of injection timing, pre & post injection and in some cases, turbo boost pressure in ways that benefit the performance, throttle response and economy. However because the ecu is always ultimately in control, the manufacturers maximum allowable settings are not over ridden. (otherwise the ecu would reduce the fuelling to reduce the power)


Extensive testing on our own vehicles and those of volunteer testers, proved the design which has remained essentially unchanged since its inception although revised in 2010 to use an even faster & lower power processor and enable real time switching for the optional dash switch. (prior to this the engine had to be restarted for the new dash switch position to be recognised).


The module incorporates a state of the art low power single chip 20Mhz microcontroller (mcu),  high quality sealed switches and a scratch resistant anodised  aluminium housing. The mcu is programmed in circuit and can be reprogrammed with updates or when necessary due to a change of vehicle.


The Synergy consumes a minute  0.004amps - approximately 10 times less than some other modules and so has no impact on the ecu's power supply circuitry and avoids the need for battery connections.


The cable is hardwired to the circuit board unlike competing products that use computer 'D' connectors. Such connectors are NOT designed for harsh underbonnet conditions. Should you wish to transfer the module to another vehicle we can easily and quickly replace the cable if need be and reprogram the unit.


All models now come with original equipment style connectors similar to those used by vehicle manufacturers.(excludes a few VP modules for old pre common rail engines)


We developed our own 'engine simulator' which is used to test every single unit after programming so you can be 100% sure you will receive a tested and working module.


A few of our many & varied development & testing vehicles: Rover 75cdt, Rav 4 2L, Audi A3 2L tdi pd, Audi A4 1.9tdi pd, VW Golf 1.9 tdi, Jaguar X-Type 2D, Subaru Outback 2D, Citroen Berlingo 1.6hdi, Vauhall Vectra 1.9cdti, Mazda 5 2L, Jag XF, etc


Some early customer feedback:


FIESTA 1.6TDCI  "Just thought I would give you a small testimonial you may use on your site as there's a large market for the 1.6 tdci engine but too many people unsure of the fitment or what box to get.
Fitting was difficult to say the least, the extension cable was a godsend and a must for anyone fitting to this engine. Running at no.9 at the moment because Im just too addicted to the power, 40 to 70 is 5th gear is amazing, I seriously wouldnt be surprised if it has halfed the time it takes compared to standard. Testing it on my local commute route gave me 57mpg, the highest I have ever achieved with this car and thats on no.9! I cant wait to see how much this saves me over the next few months, thats if I can bring myself to turn it down! Many thanks Ron and Ill be sure to pass this onto the Ford Owners club of which Im a member" Nov 2010



"Just to let you know that the Synergy 1 Tuning Box that I purchased for my Hyundai Terracan 2.9 Diesel Automatic is fantastic it "does exactly what it says on the tin" the extra power and torque has transformed the performance and given me a few more miles to the gallon as well. I never thought that a plug in box could have made so much difference, but it certainly does...  Nice one Ron!!"


"Thanks for your assistance last week.  Been down to Cheshire this week so managed to clock up over 500 miles since the Synergy was fitted and I am delighted.  I am running the box on medium / medium.  The car is much more responsive at low revs and accelerates much more quickly without having use loads of revs.  Fuel consumption has improved by about 5 mpg.  I did an almost identical trip about six weeks ago and got 46mpg.  This time 52.  Impressive." Thanks Mike.




"I bought one of your Synergy 1 units from E-bay last week and just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how impressed I am.
I fitted the unit (Mondeo 2.0tdci) earlier today, which took all of 5 minutes, and have to say that the difference is nothing short of amazing! At present I only have the box set to 6 but the car drives so much better than standard. The biggest difference is at lower revs where the pick up is much smoother, which makes the car far easier to drive round town, as the "on boost" "off boost" change is almost not there at all! I'll definitely recommend you to other diesel drivers". Alex H



Hi  Ron, just to let you know I fitted my tuning box, with very little effort and the effect it has had is startling. The throttle response is crisp,
it will pull strongly from 30mph in 5th gear which is nothing short of amazing for a little 1.4 diesel!  Overall the performance is now similar to
a good 1800cc petrol car. I have yet to see what effect it has had on economy, but the drivability it has now would be well worth a few mpg
sacrificed. (This engine is also used by Ford in the Fiesta & Focus & by Peugeot.)


"Anyhoo, its fitted, turned to 8 and even on a short run it has transformed the bottom end; now it starts to pull around 1300 rpm instead of 1800-1900 rpm and pulls much harder than before ,much harder than a 90bhp C5 ever did in the past !
Thanks for a great bit of kit, which although inexpensive compared to comparable units, is  well finished, good looking and very effective. Added to that, the 2 year warranty for peace of mind and a personal service that much larger organisations must envy, this seems to one of the best bargains on offer.  Feel free to quote me on your web site etc." (Thanks for that Ken, Ron)


FIAT SCUDO (Peugeot/Citroen 2L hdi engine)

Thought I’d offer some feedback on the module fitted to my fiat scudo van (HDI 110).After a bit of experimentation with settings I decided to get the full benefit and run it on number 10,The increase in power and torque is superb. As you can tell I am extremely impressed with the performance and price of your product and have made recommendations to other HDI engined owners.  


KIA CEED SW 1.6 CDRi 115 bhp

OK trialed this thing for a month or more now and have to report… It works as you say!!! Getting smoother acceleration and approx 8 % better MPG, measured with brim to brim filling. Setting is at 6 and getting best MPG results at this setting too. The KIA 1.6 engine is a gutsy little devil anyway but they seem to be starving it at the low end to achieve emission figures. Before fitting, when the turbo kicked in it surged due to the differences in torque. Now it has a much smoother transition J   Steve, Norfolk



Just a short note to update my experience of your unit on my Picasso. After a few months, what I have noted is that, with the control set mid-way, fuel consumption is pretty much as with the standard system under most circumstance. The only time it suffers seems to be when the wife is driving it, and we have very different driving profiles. She tends to use the car for very short trips (1-2 miles, maximum 15) compared to mine (7-50 miles). Performance gain is mainly noticeable when pulling up hills, which now requires less use of the box, and in fast-moving motorway/A-road traffic, where it is easier to regain speed after being baulked by traffic (always a bit of a pain with the standard setup). I just wish I had waited a while before buying our other car - Peugeot 306TD. If I'd delayed a bit, I might have got hold of an HDi, and I'd guess that one of those with your box on it would be a very satisfying combination. Best Regards, Tony




ROVER 75 CDT  2003. The 113bhp BMW engine is smooth and quiet but you can hardly feel the turbo and overtaking needs a good run up to build speed before pulling out. Once the maf deteriorates there is a dangerous drop in torque below 2000rpm. The Synergy 2a effects a total transformation giving these superb cars the performance they deserve.


TOYOTA RAV4 2004. The 2L 112bhp model with fixed 4wheel drive is underpowered - you are using all there is most of the time. Fitting a Synergy 2b transformed it, with more torque where its needed resulting in a deceptively effortless and rapid result in every day driving. It may not have the top speed of a 2.2L 177bhp model but thanks to the lower gearing, everyday performance is at least as good.


JAGUAR X-TYPE 2D 2007 I must say the improvement in performance is very impressive with a much bigger push in the back from 1500rpm and noticeably more response at 70mph in top gear. In fact, 70-90mph is very quick. The engine continues to sound remarkably unstressed.


SUBARU OUTBACK 2L 2008. The 150bhp Outback is not a bad performer but a Synergy 2b just elevates it to a new plane, cuts down on gearchanges and improves the mpg too.




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